Sabre-Chem SCX-EOS ZDDP oil additive.  This is a superior product made from 100% synthetic base stocks.  One bottle treats 6 quarts of oil.  Just add to oil at change.  Simply put, modern oils are not designed for older engines. One important change to modern oils is the lowering of ZDDP (Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) as it causes premature failure of catalytic converters. Unfortunately ZDDP is required in older flat-tappet (IE-rocker arm/solid lifter) cam engines to reduce wear. Perfect for your older 911 or 356.

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We also carry the full line of Sabre-Chem Syn-Pro racing motor oils, gear oils, and ATF.   Please contact me about these other products.

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Syn-Pro SCX-EOS $13.95

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