We are all Porsche enthusiasts just like you.  We are 2 friends that got together to talk about cars and saw a need to do some things that no one else does.  We became partners and started making things Porsche that couldn't be found anywhere else.  You'll know us because of our 944 odometer gear and 944 subwoofer.  

KLA Industries, LLC  was started in 2001.  I'm Scott, and along with my partner Tom, we will do our best to have low prices and good service.  You may recognize me from ebay as "honda89" or Rennlist as "slevy951".   Along with Tom, we have pooled our talents and taken KLA Industries, LLC onto the web.   We all own Porsches and love our cars.   In 2001, we decided to expand our efforts to include other than just 944 parts.  We are dedicated to providing the best service and maintaining the lowest prices possible.  

Scott is mostly the "marketing" person here with my background in computers and management so I also get to do all the web pages!      

Tom is the "research" and "technical" because he has over 25 years experience maintaining, building, and racing  the cars we love!

So, send us an email with what you need.  I'll check it out and get back with you ASAP! 

Thanks for visiting.  Check back often.  They'll be changes as we expand our product lineup.